April 13, 2013

Men, let's face it...

... some girls might be as intelligent as (some of) you. Why is this so hard to accept? 

Today a man asked me out. My answer was that I needed to study. (No excuse, I really have to.) When he found out that I study physics he was kind of ... I don't know... shocked? scared? amused? Maybe he had a stroke ore something like that. What else makes a man say things like "You study physics?? But, you don't look like a physicist!" What's this supposed to mean? Do I look stupid? Do I have to wear t-shirts and sneakers to look like a professional physicist? (I already wear glasses, so that's not it...)

But, remember one thing: if you want to ask a girl for a date, never ever laugh and say to her "Oh please, do you really have to learn for this math-stuff? Looks quite easy to me."

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