April 13, 2013

Men, let's face it...

... some girls might be as intelligent as (some of) you. Why is this so hard to accept? 

Today a man asked me out. My answer was that I needed to study. (No excuse, I really have to.) When he found out that I study physics he was kind of ... I don't know... shocked? scared? amused? Maybe he had a stroke ore something like that. What else makes a man say things like "You study physics?? But, you don't look like a physicist!" What's this supposed to mean? Do I look stupid? Do I have to wear t-shirts and sneakers to look like a professional physicist? (I already wear glasses, so that's not it...)

But, remember one thing: if you want to ask a girl for a date, never ever laugh and say to her "Oh please, do you really have to learn for this math-stuff? Looks quite easy to me."

April 12, 2013

Let's have a party!

A few days ago we decided to throw a party at the physics department for a dear colleague. True story. Even physicist like to party once in a while ;-) Of course our understanding of "fun" may be different. It starts with decorating the room. Everyone grabs a balloon, rubs it somewhere (on the head of the person next to you is always a good suggestion^^) until it's electrostatic enough to keep it on the wall without actually tape it. 

The gossip is very similar to "normal" people, I guess. On of our favourite topics is "who loves whom... or what. For examples Katy told us, that she definitive found her true love in magnetic fields. Pretty much of us get stuck into wave optics. My own heart lately beats for any kinds of operators! (And, by the way, I totally like men who have fallen for thermodynamics!)

We also listened to some music. What party would it be without the sound of a nice combination of harmonic wave length? Well, maybe this is one big difference to "normal" parties. We really enjoyed the theme-song of "The Big Bang Theory," all three verses ;-)

Oh, almost forgot... Some of us were dressed only with a bed sheet. So, who says physicists are unable to have fun? ;-P