März 30, 2013

Brainwashed by statistics

Whenever I go home from work I hope to run into a certain friend of mine. He usually takes the same metro as I do. Depending on the traffic he either takes the front entrance or the backward one.  What happens to me every single time I try to find him? My (obviously damaged) brain calculates, that the average of his presence is right in the middle of the platform. So I wait there. Although I do know (given, that his |Ψ(x)|²  1 to be found at the front entrance at heavy-traffic-days and analogue for the backward one at not-so-heavy-traffic days) his
|Ψ(x)|² to be found at the middle of the platform aims 0. Stupid, huh? 

These are the days when I can't stop wondering, why humans act against their nature. If we'd just respect the laws of physics, wouldn't be life so much easier? Wouldn't it just be wonderful? Actually it's a bit like traffic accidents. If every single driver would respect the rules, there were no accidents. Why do we human beeings think we are "smarter" than the universe? Gosh, why can't I be a photon? I would fly arround and make jokes of people, who belive to know everything. And: I'd find my "Mr.-Right-Photon" more easy ;-)

März 29, 2013

Damned hollidays

The university is closed since one week. During the hollidays I have to work. This means hardly time for my true love - physics. Sounds strange for most people, right? But not having enough time for all the interesting stuff: papers, new discoveries, exchanging with colleagues, calculating - this is a serious condition for a scientist! Am I right, guys?

And besides the lack of joy, another problem occurs to me, everytime I quit studying for a few days: I tend to forget everything. I'm not sure... is this phenomena normal for wired physicists or is it just a girl's thing?

März 28, 2013

More experiments

As I said already, I really liked (and still like) to explore the world.

Therefore, in my childhood I spent years with opening things, look into them to see how they work,  time meassurement, even with calculating stuff. Easy computations, of course. Though, I'm a lil proud that I figured out the relation between time, distance and velocity by myself at the age of about 7 or 8 years.

To bad my mother stopped all the fun I had, when she once found me sitting on the floor in my room, surrounded by several parts of my brandnew VCR. But, it was worth it xD

März 27, 2013

How come a girl is interested in physics?

Good question, actually. As a kid I had no idea I was totally into science, though I was experimenting all the time.

I'll always remember that day, when I discovered the centrifugal force. I was supposed to just hold the shopping basket and stand still in our garden, while waiting for my mother. Well, I wasn't able to stand still. Instead I prefered to spin the shopping basket around. Faster and faster. When I stopped it, I realized that it still contains a few pebble stones. How was this possible? Was there a limit for the number of the tiny stones? Why didn't they fall out of the shopping basket?  I needed to find out how this miracle works. So I tried this little experiment a couple of times. With the following conclusion: 

-) you have to spin quick enough
-) the pebble stones should be tiny enough 
-) don't you ever use to much of them
-) otherwise.... better wear a hat and glasses ;-)

März 26, 2013


Hello, I'm Anastasia. I work very hard to follow my bliss: studying Physics.

Yes, I'm girl. Yes, I'm interessted in science. Yes, sometimes I feel like Penny: good looking and not that smart. But: Yes, I want to be like Leslie Winkle: good looking _and_ smart ;-)

Follow me into the world of, nerds, wow-playing colleagues, sleepless nights, endless days of hard-studying, greek letters, freaky experiments, famous lectors, physics and lots of crazy thoughts!